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Essentials – part 1 Softwares

Posted in Lists, Open source, Resources, Software with tags , , , on June 3, 2010 by Temitope.A

When i first unpacked my PC and start it, the rapidity, the neatness of the desktop and of the folders gave me a sensation of armony I can only remember after sometimes, since I’m really and virtually very untidy. Every time I’m in  need of a program, I download  five or six softwares, install some of them (in the same moment) try them and then forget to uninstall and delete what I do not need. It results in an unique mess!!!

So what about it there were a list of essential SWs like the ONE Tom

‘s hardware did? We’re now going to analyze, in the next post, some important softwares, this post will be edited and will become an index. We’ll prefer open-source and free SWs, though we’ll still insert some proprietary and costly ones, when the have some properties unfindable in free SWs.

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