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XreCode universal audio converter

Posted in Software with tags , , on June 23, 2010 by Temitope.A

RMusic devicesaise your hand if you don’t have and mp3 player, or an iphone or ipod. We’re surrounded by music devices and by music tracks: wav, mp3, wma, flac, mid, mp4, 3gp and others. A software like XreCode will help you convert your music files from nearly any of the formats to any other.
This SW works only on Widows.

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YouTube Downloader – make those videos yours

Posted in Essential softwares, Software with tags , , on June 3, 2010 by Temitope.A

YouTube DownloaderAlthough media is going more and more on streaming nowadays, there can still be need to take something down to your computer. YouTube and YouTube Downloader are a perfect example for this. With this small but powerful SW you can easily download your favourites videos from youtube and immediately make some basic conversions to suit your media player any of your devices, be it a cellular, an iphone, an ipod, or a playstation portable.

The great thing in it is that, notwithstanding it’s called youtube downloader, it supports a lot of sites, like vevo, vimeo and may others.


A simple way to download a video ONLY from YouTube is to add kiss to the Yt link after the two “//” like shown below

Just kiss Youtube!

PDF, my darling PDF

Posted in Essential softwares, Software with tags , , on June 3, 2010 by Alex

In my opinion the most useful file-format in the whole computers world is the PDF. I simply love PDFs. First of all they’re very “flexible”. You’ll never have problem in opening this kind of files and you can do it fast. On the second hand it’s an universal format, all the operating systems (es. Linux, Windows, Mac) can open it. The third main point is that PDFs can’t be easily made unmodifiable. This feature becomes very useful when it’s needed to send an important document by mail or when you simply need some reassurances on file’s integrity.

For this and other reasons i’d like to suggest you this program: PDF Creator. It transforms your pictures or test-files in PDF format ones. It’s light, simple to use and very very fast during operations. It works like a virtual printer but, instead printing on paper, it creates PDFs.

Please not this 2 things:

  1. This program needs one of these Windows operative systems to be installed: Win95/98/98SE/Me/2000/NT/XP/2003/7 (on Windows 7 it doesn’t seem to work as good as on the other ones).
  2. Its toolbar is installed without request and it automatically changes some browser features. After the installation you should delete this application using directly the control panel not to have further problems.

This program supports PDF, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PS and EPS formats.

This is the link:

I hope it’ll be useful.