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Posted in Software with tags , on June 17, 2010 by Alex

Nowadays everyone has a chat-software.It’s one of the most used and useful program in a pc. Since some months ago i’ve been using one of the most famous chat-softwares: Messenger. It’s not a bad one. You can even call a friend or use web-cams. The funniest thing was the interminable choice of emoticons. Then something happened: i found a better one! Its name is Skype.

It’s a freeware software created to marry two different necessieties: chatting and calling from your pc, at the same time. The first one was solved in a simple way. Skype is an ordinary chat-software. The graphical simplicity (no animoticons, no colorful words) allows to work very fast without problems of lag. Your eyes are literally cuddled by its relaxing but standard aspect.

The solution to the second problem is simply genius. This software can work in two different modalities: Skype or SkypeOUT. The first one is a peer-to-peer connection between pcs that allows the user to call another skype-memeber complitely free. The quality is amazing, latency is only a mirage and it’s used a full-duplex system. There are even some curious tools: you can share the imagine of your desktop in real-time and the call can be shared by more people at the same time (12 if my memory is good). SkypeOut is a pre-payed service. First of all you have to buy some credit using your credit-card then Skype can be used to call phones or mobile-phones. This service isn’t as a good as the previous one, especially reguarding mobile-ones. It’s a half-duplex and latency has acceptable levels. Costs are low so that SkypeOut is a really valid alternative to normal phone-companies.

Installing this software and becoming a user require only 2 minutes. Skype is waiting for you.