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XreCode universal audio converter

Posted in Software with tags , , on June 23, 2010 by Temitope.A

RMusic devicesaise your hand if you don’t have and mp3 player, or an iphone or ipod. We’re surrounded by music devices and by music tracks: wav, mp3, wma, flac, mid, mp4, 3gp and others. A software like XreCode will help you convert your music files from nearly any of the formats to any other.
This SW works only on Widows.

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Nitro haul

Posted in Games with tags , on June 23, 2010 by Temitope.A

This is a very funny and addicting game. You have to create a haul and transport for a short track some nitro boxes, without making them explode. The final score is calculated on the time it took you and on the number of boxes which didn’t explode by the way.

Build your haul

Nitro haul

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Rollin stone – Blender game

Posted in Games, Software with tags , , on June 20, 2010 by Temitope.A


Roll to you adventure.Not only the vertigo and the traps, time too will be against you! Do you prefer to run without deviations to the goal or to collect all the points along the way? Your force origins from Newton’s second law Mass x Acceleration. Gain or lose weight as you wish or as the necessity dictate.

Arrows –> navigation
Space bar –> Pause
R–> resume
Esc —> Go to the Menu

In the Menu
Move the mouse over what you want to select and press “Enter”
Only Start and quit are functioning

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Driving licence test

Posted in Online applications with tags , , , on June 7, 2010 by Temitope.A

I’m currently having lessons to obtain the italian driving licence, and find useful these sites I’ve found on the net. It avoids me to spend 10 euros on a quiz book.

And you from others countries? Comment and submit online driving tests you’ve found.

When Blender met Open Source

Posted in Blender, Open source, Software with tags , , , on June 5, 2010 by Temitope.A

Blender logoBlender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.

The first version of Blender is dated 1995, when Ton Roosendaal rewrote some of the softwares he was working with in NeoGeo. Three years later he created a society, NaN (not a number) and released Blender as freeware. When this society failed he hailed a donation campaign and then made Blender opensource. This has made Blender grown in an unpredictable way, bringing it in the position to stand with the most famous and costly 3D softwares. If you are interested in Blender’s amazing history, read it on the wiki user manual.

Visit the blender main site to start knowing this SW better; you will soon find out that the secret in Blender’s success are its users, always eager to help new-comers trough forums like, to develop Blender and to partecipate in the foundation’s projects, like they’re doing for

So what can you do with Blender? You can model, sculpt, texturize, animate, and even make games. Blender is probably the leading software in the open source world. This is the current spash screen of the 2.5 version, under development.

Blender splash screen

YouTube Downloader – make those videos yours

Posted in Essential softwares, Software with tags , , on June 3, 2010 by Temitope.A

YouTube DownloaderAlthough media is going more and more on streaming nowadays, there can still be need to take something down to your computer. YouTube and YouTube Downloader are a perfect example for this. With this small but powerful SW you can easily download your favourites videos from youtube and immediately make some basic conversions to suit your media player any of your devices, be it a cellular, an iphone, an ipod, or a playstation portable.

The great thing in it is that, notwithstanding it’s called youtube downloader, it supports a lot of sites, like vevo, vimeo and may others.


A simple way to download a video ONLY from YouTube is to add kiss to the Yt link after the two “//” like shown below

Just kiss Youtube!

VLC Media player

Posted in Essential softwares, Open source, Software with tags , , on June 3, 2010 by Temitope.A

VLC “It plays everything!”

The media player that fills all your needs. It can handle DVDs, (S)VCDs, Audio CDs, web streams, TV cards and much more.

You don’t need to keep track of a dozen codec packs you need to have installed. VLC has all codecs built-in. It comes with support for nearly all codec there is. VLC really plays everything (have a look here, the developers have concentrated on the video, living the interface very essential and easy to use. You won’t be distracted by anything while watching your videos or playing your music. With VLC it’s also easy to add subtitles to any video. And what is more it can even play back the file or media if it is damaged! Missing or broken pieces are  no stop to VLC, it plays all the video and audio information that’s still intact.

VLC can be installed in any Operating System.