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A net surferI’m quite sure you don’t think there is a need for a new blog, and even though you do, it would be stupid on my side to consider this site as the answer to your need.

After being wandering the internet world for a while, in every net surfer arise a desire to have something too on the net, a site people can visit and appreciate, just as he or she is visiting other’s people sites, and maybe to fill it with the contents he or she creates. I’ve been wandering around the net for some years now, and tried making a lot of sites (forums, blogs, social-sites, game-sites and others) as well as digital contents, either in 2D or 3D. I’ve always failed because I’ve never had a good idea related to what were my interests. What to make a site on, that is not already an extra-used and abused idea? Then came the folgoration!

What about making a site about sites? A blog in which I share all the experience i’ve gained in all this time about internet, aplications and software, so that the times i’ve spent on it will save somebody else’s time? So most of the time I believe you’ll read things you already know, but I hope sometimes I’ll be the one  to make good ideas meet good applications.

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